Lynx Dashboard

The purpose of the Lynx Dashboard is to facilitate the corporate managers work. For this, we develop a system that turns data into strategic information in a secure, agile, automated and simplified way.
The Lynx Dashboard is a vital intelligence tool to monitor the corporate activities and for definition of realistic prognostic.
See bellow all the features and benefits that are avalable for Lynx Dashboard.

Lynx Mobile

With Lynx Mobile, you can access all the information on a mobile platform (smarthphone and tablets) This supports the manager to access its mains data in a dashboard way at anytime, without delays or improvisations.

Using high-technology and the best concepts of User-Experience, we create a simple app and easy to navigate so that the users can receive and analyze their information anywhere they want, but always thinking on the information security.

The main advantages of Lynx Mobile are:

  • Simple to use.
  • Total interactivity.
  • Secure to access the information
  • Access control per user or groups.
  • You can add comments
  • Send e-mails with the information and graphics.
  • Best value-benefits in the market.

Available for Mobiles with iOS (iPhone e iPAD).
Free download atAppStore

*Soon it will be launched for Android and other platforms. Wait or contact us.