Here you can take your doubts and know a little more about Lynx.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • 1 - What is the Lynx Dashboard? Lynx is a platform for KPY (Key Performance Indicator) basically composed of 3 products.
    Lynx Dashboard is a WEB Portal where is possible to perform the user seeting and and indicator, as well as visualize many different data in several way of analysis.
    Lynx Mobile is a Client App to consume stored data from Lynx Dashboard and display in Mobile, Smartphone and Tablets. Current available for iOS.
    Lynx Connector is an App installed in the Clients infrastructure and is responsible for the data extraction from the transactional Database such as ERP, MRP and any other production control. Lynx Connector is responsible to send the data automatically to Lynx Dashboard according to the users settings.
  • 2 - How to try Lynx Dashboard? Its necessary to access the Lynx Dashboard Portal and register.

    Follow the steps in the link bellow:

    Register at the Lynx Dashboard Portal
  • 3 - How to acquire Lynx Dashboard? The Lynx Dashboard Platform is marketed as an SaaS, Software as a Service. This means that we provide all the infrastructure necessary to storage and access the information.The customer only need an internet connection, computers and mobiles, and if necessary the automatically data extraction through Lynx Connector, the installation must be done on clients infrastructure.

    Contact GAtec through contacts bellow:

    GAtec Gestão Agroindustrial
    Av. Limeira, 222, Sala 136, Piracicaba/SP
    Phone: + 55 (19) 2106-0888
    email: contato_lynx@gatec.com.br

    We are available for any doubts.

    Soon will be possible to purchase Lynx Dashboard through the Internet, with credit card or bank slip.
  • 4 - Which Database Lynx Connector se connects? Lynx Connector can connect into several Database, such as Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, DB2, MySQL, Firebird and others database that can be connected via ODBC or natively by ADO.Net.
    After setting up the Lynx Connector it opens a connection with the Database, extracts the desired information and sends to Lynx Dashboard via WebService.

    All of this in a Secure and Transparent way.

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