Lynx Dashboard

The purpose of the Lynx Dashboard is to facilitate the corporate managers work. For this, we develop a system that turns data into strategic information in a secure, agile, automated and simplified way.
The Lynx Dashboard is a vital intelligence tool to monitor the corporate activities and for definition of realistic prognostic.
See bellow all the features and benefits that are avalable for Lynx Dashboard.


The offices are no longer the only point of information analysis, reports are difficult to be analyzed. Information Panels, Mobile devices, WEB and several technologies are available for the business managament.

Although there are some apps in the market, the technologies are ofter complex, and hard to be implemented and more than that, there are a lack of knowlodge of what is the need of the solution offered and in detriment with this situation why GAtec create Lynx Dashboard.

Why to use Lynx Dashboard ?

Our main purpose is to create solutions that simplify the management of your company and more than queries and indicator, GAtec offers Lynx Dashboard and all your expertise in KPY and integrated panels to your organization. Some preconfigured indicators can be offered with the App, which will allow a faster assimilation to the users and can be integrated with the information structure already existent in your company. It also possible to have a personalized configuration, interactive and totaly be managed by your company.

Lynx Dashboard is the solution for your Company Management

Main Benefits

  • Simple to use.
  • Total interactivity.
  • Flexible configuration
  • Access control per user or groups.
  • Can be view in diferent platforms and devices (WEB, Laptop, Smartphone, Tablet)
  • Integration with several database
  • Flexible when make new queries.
  • Alerts generation.
  • Best value in the market
Certify this benefits in practice! Access a demo database, create your own indicator or contact us.